What is Nextech?

Technology is a fast-paced industry that doesn’t let up. Although beneficial, we understand that websites can be difficult and time consuming. Nextech is here to help. We are Edmonds based web developers with a passion for web design and management. Our vision is to bring affordable, but professional looking websites to you. ¬†Although we are high school students, our experience and dedication will prove that we are more than capable in providing you with a high-quality website.

Why Us?

Businesses waste thousands of dollars each month paying “professionals” to build and manage their websites. Most web developers charge over $100 an hour to design a website, and management can rise up higher than $75. These wages still don’t take include the price of web hosting per month which can vary based on your website’s size. Web developers can burn through hours trying to fix bugs within a website, which leaves you with an empty wallet. Nextech charges flat rates for development and monthly payments for management. Our clients love this system because they know exactly what they are paying for. No matter how long we work on your website, you end up with a beautiful website and a good deal. We look forward to working with you!